Med-Systems Associates is a privately owned corporation that provides health care management services, comprehensive computerized billing/insurance services, physician accounts management, technical training and practice management/consulting services for physicians and hospitals.

The corporation focuses upon community health care services and has distinguished itself on the basis of quality professional billing services, practice management and consulting for the physician's convenience. Recognizing the need for fiscal viability for both the company and the physician, we are committed to emphasizing efficiency and cost containment through experienced productivity management and established charges commensurate with the services.

Med-Systems Associates provides computerized billing and insurance processing services and programs including electronic claims filing. We believe in meeting the needs and requirements of each practice and supporting the physician and his/her staff every step of the way. Our firm is informed of legislative and technical changes in health care and can assist in the evaluation and installation of any and all government and industry mandated changes.

Med-Systems Associates is a leader in health care knowledge and experience and has managed to establish lasting relationships in a competitive, ever changing market. One of our goals is to make the physician's day more productive and help in better accommodating the patient's needs. We want the practice to keep as much of the revenue they generate as possible by increasing cash flow, improving accounts receivable, analyzing production and more importantly, addressing the needs of the practice.

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